Sewers & Drains

Sewer Lines & Sewer Systems

Signature Plumbing offers a one-stop shop for your sewer needs. We provide complete sewer system
installation, relocation, repair, and inspection. Signature Plumbing has got you covered from start to
finish, and as always we promise a quick, clean, and dependable service.

Sewer video inspection is necessary to assess the condition of your sewer before most sewer repairs.
In order to perform a repair correctly, a tiny camera is inserted into the interior of the sewer pipe. This
camera allows our professional plumbing technicians to locate the blockage or damage in your sewer
line. Sewer problems are often caused from offset pipe joints, broken pipes, root intrusion, and separated
pipes. If your sewer is backed up or starts to leak, you need to contact a qualified technician at Signature
Plumbing as soon as possible. Depending on the condition of your sewer damage, a repair may not be
possible. Sections of your sewer line may require replacement or re-installation. For immediate service
or to set up an appointment call (916) 223-7179 or (530) 887-0000.

Sewer Pumps

Signature Plumbing’s professionally trained team also repairs and installs sewer pumps. Call today to set up
an appointment or for more information about our sewer pump installation and repair services.

Trenchless Sewer Lines

Using the traditional method to service clogged drains and other sewer issues can result in costly repairs and
possible destruction of your property. However, Signature Plumbing’s innovative trenchless sewer lines provide
an easier, less time consuming, and also a more cost-effective method of repairing damaged sewer lines. The
plumbing professionals at Signature Plumbing can replace your existing damaged sewer lines with our trenchless
sewer system quick and affordably. Please call Signature Plumbing today for an estimate or to schedule an
appointment with one of our expert trenchless sewer technicians.

For more information about our trenchless sewer lines, please call (916) 223-7179 or (530) 886-0000. We would
be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Drainage Systems

Having issues with your current drainage system or just need one installed all together? Signature Plumbing is your
source for all your drainage needs. We offer drain repair, installation, inspection, and cleaning. We also provide
traps and treatments, hydro flushing, and storage drain services. If all the fixtures in your home are draining slowly,
you probably have a blockage in the main line, which will require a professional inspection and repair. Whether its
food, grease, hair, soap or other products that like to stick to drains, Signature Plumbing can get the job done. We
service all drainage systems from toilet and sink drains to main drains and floor drains. We offer a variety of repair
and cleaning service options like hydro flushing and traps and treatments.

Hydro flushing is one of the most effective methods to restore old drain lines and makes them
almost as good as new. Hydro flushing works by forcing water (at an extremely high pressure) out of a tiny nozzle
that is snaked through your drain. This water clears the pipe of any problems that can cause a blockage like grease,
soap, hair, and food. Opening or clearing a drain with conventional cable methods leaves soft deposits or other
materials in the line that eventually cause another blockage. If you experience a blockage or clogged drain, call
our hydro flushing technicians at Signature Plumbing for immediate service in order to avoid the expense of ruined
walls and floors from backed-up drains.

Here is a partial list of the drains we service:

  • Main drains
  • Drive way & patio drains
  • Garage & basement drains
  • Shower & bath drains
  • Sink & fixture drains
  • Toilets

To set up an appointment with on of our drainage system specialists, contact us at (916) 223-7179 or (530) 887-0000.