Leak Detection & Line Location

Through visual inspection, Signature Plumbing can accurately determine any leaks, obstructions, or other problems
your water or gas lines may have. We use tiny cameras to travel through the inside of your piping system and collect
data, that data then helps to determine the overall condition of your pipes and helps detect leak location.

Are you aware that the water main lines may need to be replaced if they are too small to supply your home with the
proper amount of water needed? Water lines may also need to be replaced if the material they are made of is considered
hazardous to your health and is no longer being used.

Don’t wait for broken water lines to cause damage to your home! If you suspect a leak, please shut off your main water
valve and call Signature Plumbing immediately.

Slab & Underground Leak Repairs

Slab & Underground Leaks, which are the leaks under your homes foundation, can occur for many reasons. They can be
caused from corrosion, abrasion, or pressure. Slab leaks can also occur from defects during construction. If you’re
experiencing damp or warped areas on your flooring, or if you have noticed a dramatic increase in water bills, it may
be time to call the trained technicians here at Signature Plumbing.

Since these leaks can quickly progress into much larger problems, it is important to call Signature Plumbing as soon as
possible. We will dispatch our professional plumbers immediately so we can accurately locate your water leak and repair
the problem before further damage occurs.

Water & Gas Line Installation

If you need a new gas or water line installed for a water heater, stove, fireplace, pool, or other appliance, look no further than
Signature Plumbing. We guarantee our skilled professionals will offer a quick, clean, and courteous service no matter how
large the project!

Complete House Piping

You need skilled and experienced technicians when you undergo piping installation or repairs, which is why you
need Signature Plumbing. Signature plumbing specializes in locating, repairing, repiping, and installing Copper
and Wirsbo AquaPex piping systems.

Copper pipes are ideal for water supply lines running from the main water supply pipe directly to the plumbing fixtures in your
home. Because copper pipes can freeze and burst if left exposed to extreme elements, it is important to have a professional
technician at Signature Plumbing install your piping. Some benefits for using copper piping are as follows:

  • Copper plumbing material has a 50-year limited warranty
  • Copper piping is reliable:
  • 95% of existing homes are equipped with copper plumbing
  • 80% of new homes are built with copper piping
  • Copper is accepted by virtually all plumbing codes
  • Copper is a natural, environmentally friendly material that won’t crack or erode over time
  • Copper requires less maintenance and fewer repairs than other piping options
  • Copper inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria

For more benefits on using copper piping visit www.copper.org.

Wirsbo AquaPex piping is a new, innovative, and great alternative to copper piping that has been used in other countries for
decades but wasn’t introduced to the United States until the 1980s. Thanks to Signature Plumbing’s highly trained AquaPex
piping technicians, we have an advantage over the competition. If you are not sure what piping material is right for your home,
you can contact us at (916) 223-7179 and (530) 887-0000. Some of the benefits of AquaPex piping are as follows:

  • AquaPex piping is cheaper than other piping material options
  • AquaPex is faster to install than copper piping
  • AquaPex will never corrode like copper due to acidic water
  • AquaPex works well and can be connected to existing copper piping
  • AquaPex’s red, blue, and white colored piping makes it easy to tell hot lines from cold lines
  • AquaPex can withstand extreme conditions due to the innovative technology that allows the lines to expand and contract
  • AquaPex is safe, economical and energy-efficient